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Go Between Loan

The Allstate Go Between Loan offers you an easy way to purchase or build a new home, before you have sold your existing home.

Our Bridging Loan gives you 6 months to sell your existing home (or 12 months if you are building a new property) where you don't have to make any repayments on your new loan.

A new loan is established to purchase the new home (or to purchase the land and construct a new property) and to payout the loan against your existing home. 

You can borrow up to 100% of the value of your new home, as long as your combined loans do not exceed 85% of the combined value of both your new and existing properties (inclusive of capitalised interest on the new loan).


Your ability to service the loan will be based on the loan amount remaining after the sale of your existing property.

No Repayments required on new loan

You don't need to make two sets of repayments while selling your existing home. The interest on the new loan is capitalised onto the loan during the go between period. Therefore no repayments are required on the new loan for the go between period; however you will need to make sure that you keep making repayments on your existing loan until the property is sold. (If your existing property does not sell during the go between period you will be required to make repayments on both loans until the property sells).

Principal and Interest or Interest Only repayment structures

You can choose whether initially you would like to repay just the interest on the amount you borrow or both principal and interest repayments on the amount you borrowed.

Paying back the loan on an interest only basis is a popular option for investors. You can choose up to a maximum period of 10 years for interest only repayments.

100% Offset Available

Our Bridging Loan provides you with the added flexibility of having an Offset account attached to your Term Loan. Plus there's no loading of the interest rate to do this either! Plus you have the option of using the 100% Offset feature during construction.

The Allstate Go Between Loan is available as aAltdoc product. The combined loans must not exceed 80% LVR of the combined value of both the new and existing properties (inclusive of capitalised interest on the new loan).

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