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Line of Credit

Allstate Line of Credit Home Loans allow you to easily access the equity on your home, up to a set limit.

The Allstate line of credit allows you to take a flexible approach to your finances. Interest is calculated on a daily basis so by only drawing down what you require, you will pay less interest – therefore helping you pay your loan off sooner.

How a Line of Credit can work for you

Reduce your interest charges

By depositing your salary and other credits into the line of credit, you are reducing the loan balance and thus reducing the interest calculated on the outstanding balance. However you still have easy access to withdraw those funds as needed.

LVR up to 95% plus capitalise the Mortgage Insurance

Our Line of Credit allows you to borrow up to 95% of your property value PLUS you have the option of capitalising the mortgage insurance premium on top of this amount.

Interest Only then Principal and Interest repayment structure

Allstate's line of credit facilities allow you to pay back the interest for the first 10 years and then the loan converts to P&I payments where you pay in instalments on the amount you borrowed plus interest.

Principal and Interest repayment structure from settlement

Put simply, you can choose to repay instalments of the amount you borrowed plus interest from loan settlement. By choosing this repayment option the loan is amortised from settlement (i.e. The line of credit limit reduces each month). However you still have the option to pay back the loan on an interest only basis which is a popular option for our line of credit products.


Debit Card

We give you the flexibility to manage your loan according to your individual situation. Our debit card linked to your loan account means that you can easily withdraw extra money at all ATM's and EFTPOS providers.


A secured or unsecured VISA credit card is available on application when obtaining an Allstate Line of Credit. The secured VISA card is at the same interest rate as the line of credit account, which is significantly lower than normal credit card interest rates.

Internet and Phone Banking

We know that managing repayments shouldn't take up your life so our internet and phone banking facilities are available 24 hours a day to save you time and hassle. All Internet banking transactions are also free of charge, including BPAY and Pay Anyone facilities.

Interest can be capitalised up to the account limit

Our Line of Credit facility doesn't require customers to make payments until the balance of the Line of Credit account reaches 100% of the approved limit.

Our Line of Credit can be split into sub account or split with other home loans.

You can obtain cash out of your line of credit at over 2700 post offices, over 6000 ATM and EFTPOS outlets Australia wide.

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